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BMC Sleeves

BMC 100/50 Vinyl Record Transparent Outer Sleeves for 7/12 Inch - 45/33 RPM - EP/LP

BMC 100/50 Vinyl Record Transparent Outer Sleeves for 7/12 Inch - 45/33 RPM - EP/LP

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Product Features:

  • [RECORD PROTECTION]: Elevate your experience with our high-fidelity transparent outer vinyl record sleeves. Designed to store and protect your treasured vinyl collection. Crafted with premium material, they offer crystal-clear clarity, allowing you to showcase your singles while safeguarding them from dust, scratches, and liquid stains. Store your records in excellent condition with these stylish and functional sleeves. It's time to give your vinyl the protection it deserves.
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY]: Embrace the cutting-edge technology behind our uniquely crafted sleeves. Engineered with precision, these sleeves are made of 2 MIL polypropylene material, ensuring protection for your beloved vinyl records. Preserve your vinyl collection with our top-notch sleeves from the degradative effect of time. Indulge yourself in the purest sound while joyfully preserving your cherished music collection. Let our sleeves be the guardians of your musical treasures.
  • [CLEAR VINYL STORAGE]: Gain the upper hand with our transparent record sleeves. Designed to provide absolute clarity, these sleeves offer a smooth window into your record jackets. Experience the visual feast of your album artwork while enjoying unparalleled protection. Let your collection shine through and showcase its uniqueness with our exceptional sleeves. Elevate your vinyl experience and indulge in the perfect blend of creativity & protection.
  • [PERFECT FIT]: Discover the exceptional nature of our 100-count outer transparent sleeves, offering complete protection. Designed specifically for 45/33 RPM Eps, these outer sleeves perfectly fit your beloved 7/12-inch record jackets. Whether it's a single, double, or gatefold design, our sleeves provide a secure shield against harm. Safeguard your vinyl collection for years to come. Embrace the confidence of encasing your records in sleeves as special as the music they hold.
  • [ANTI-STATIC]: Store your beloved vinyl collection with our cutting-edge anti-static technology. Carefully designed, our sleeves create a shield against harmful static electricity, keeping them from any potential harm. Discover the unique quality of these anti-static sleeves, offering long-lasting protection to keep your records in perfect condition. Trust our sleeves to treasure your vinyl collection, ensuring an extraordinary listening experience that attracts music lovers.


BMC Outer Sleeves for EP Vinyl Records!

Experience enhanced vinyl protection with our transparent outer right-angled vinyl record sleeves. Crafted to perfection using top-quality materials, these sleeves offer remarkable functionality as you admire your cherished album covers while ensuring their utmost protection. Our sleeves not only add culture to your display but also go the extra mile in safeguarding your collection. Shielding your albums from dust, scratches, and liquid mishaps, ensure your vinyl remains in excellent condition.

Vinyl records hold more than just audio; they carry sentimental and historical value. Outer sleeves help preserve the integrity of album covers, protecting the artwork, lyrics, and liner notes from wear and tear. This preserves the charming appeal that enhances the overall experience of collecting and enjoying vinyl records. Furthermore, well-preserved vinyl records tend to fetch good value should you decide to sell or trade your collection.

100/50-count outer transparent sleeves, expertly designed to perfectly fit 7/12-inch record jackets. Crafted with 2-MIL polypropylene material, preserve the physical nature of your collection. With its anti-static ability, trust our sleeves to keep your beloved vinyl safe from potential damage. Overall, vinyl outer sleeves are a worthwhile investment for any vinyl enthusiast or collector. They provide an extra layer of protection, preserve the visual appeal of album covers, enhance sound quality, and help maintain the long-term value of your vinyl collection.

Highlighting Features

  • Crafted with 2-MIL polypropylene material.
  • 100/50 transparent sleeves designed for perfect fit and clarity to store record albums.
  • Protects from dust, scratches, and liquid mishaps.
  • The anti-static ability for protection from electricity.
  • 7/12-inch outer sleeves, perfect for 45/33 RPM EP records.
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