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BMC Sleeves

BMC 20 Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves for 12 Inch 33 RPM LP | Black & White Kraft Paper Sleeves

BMC 20 Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves for 12 Inch 33 RPM LP | Black & White Kraft Paper Sleeves

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Product Features:

  • [RECORD PROTECTION]: Elevate your experience with our high-fidelity sleeves (12-inch 20-count Black & White Inner Vinyl Record Sleeves). Safeguard your priceless vintage records with our superior record protection methods. Designed to shield against scratches, scuff marks, dust, dirt, tears, and liquid mishaps. Our inner sleeves provide years of protection for your collection in its original form for generations to come. It's time to give your vinyl the protection it deserves.
  • [CLEAR VIEW]: Each record sleeve features a uniquely designed die-cut label hole, allowing you to effortlessly glance into the world of your LP records. With this innovative feature, you can easily view the label of each record, adding a touch of clarity to your vinyl experience. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace the benefit of easy identification, all while maintaining the highest level of protection for your admired collection.
  • [ARCHIVAL PROPERTIES]: Experience the peak of archival quality with our premium inner sleeves. Made from 100 GSM poly-lined paper sleeves. These inner sleeves are designed to safeguard your precious vinyl from harmful elements and the test of time. They provide exceptional durability for vinyl lovers who value the archival preservation of their record collection and enhance the elegance of record storage by preserving their ageless look and feel.
  • [PERFECT FIT]: Enjoy the smooth and consistent quality of our inner sleeves as they fit effortlessly into any outer sleeve or record jacket. Our inner sleeves are crafted with a perfect fit in mind. With little or no excess paper at the top, your vinyl slides in easily. Embrace the convenience of easy storage and retrieval while ensuring ideal protection for your 12-inch 33 RPM LP records. Trust in the quality of our sleeves and give your collection the care it deserves.
  • [EASY STORAGE]: Safely store, carry, and organize your precious vinyl records with our thoughtfully designed inner sleeves. Made for easy handling, they provide a secure and dependable solution, offering maximum protection for your beloved collection. Accept the simplicity and comfort our inner sleeves bring to your vinyl journey, providing peace of mind and effortless organization. Take your storage and transport experience to the next level with our sleeves.


BMC LP Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves!

Introducing our high-quality x20 Black & White Inner Sleeves, designed specifically to provide your LP collection with the ultimate protection it deserves. Our sleeves offer a variety of features to safeguard your vinyl records and enhance your overall listening experience. Each Inner Sleeve is made from premium poly-lined paper ensuring ideal preservation and longevity for your vinyl records. With a focus on archival properties, these sleeves protect your collection from scratches, scuff marks, tears, dirt, dust, liquid damage, and other harmful elements that could compromise the quality of your records.

One notable feature is the clear view provided by our innovative die-cut label hole. This unique design allows you to easily see the label of each record without removing it from the sleeve. Our Inner Sleeves are crafted to achieve a perfect fit for any outer sleeve or record jacket. With no excess paper at the top, your vinyl effortlessly slides in and out, offering both convenience and security. Vinyl records hold more than just audio, they carry sentimental and historical value. Inner sleeves help preserve the integrity of records, protecting the artwork, lyrics, and liner notes from wear and tear.

Upgrade your record protection with BMC Black & White Inner Sleeves today and elevate your vinyl listening experience. With our superior craftsmanship for preserving the integrity of your collection, appreciate the timeless beauty of vinyl music. Give your LPs the proper protection they deserve and cherish your vinyl collection for years.

Benefits and Features:

  • 20 Polylined inner sleeves designed to store vinyl records.
  • Perfect fit for any outer sleeve or jacket.
  • 12-inch inner sleeves, perfect for 33 RPM LP records.
  • Clear view label hole enhances clarity.
  • Preserves artwork and sentimental value.
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